Themistii In Aristotelis Physica paraphrasis

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A. Editions:
a. Greek Text

Editio princepsΤΑ ΤΟΥ ΘΕΜΙΣΤΙΟΣ ΕΥΦΡΑΔΟΥΣ ΑΠΑΝΤΑ, ΤΟΥΤΕΣΤΙ ΠΑΡΑΦΡΑΣΕΙΣ, ΚΑΙ ΛΟΓΟΙ. ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ ΑΦΡΟΔΙΣΙΕΩΣ ΠΕΡΙ ΨΥΧΗΣ ΒΙΒΛΙΑ ΔΥΟ, ΚΑΙ ΕΝ ΠΕΡΙ ΕΙΜΑΡΜΕΝΞΣ. Omnia Themistii Opera, hoc est Paraphrases et Orationes. Alexandri Aphrodisiensis libri duo de anima, et de fato unus, ed. Vittore Trincavelli, in ædibus hæredeum Aldi Manutii & Andreæ Asulani, Venetiis 1534.

Spengel (1866): Themistii paraphrases Aristotelis librorum quae supersunt ed. L. Spengel, Teubner, Leipzig 1866.
Schenkl (1900): Themistii In Aristotelis Physica paraphrasis ed. H. Schenkl, Reimer, Berlin 1900 (CAG V.2).

Manuscript Tradition (Greek): Link PINAKES

b. Arabic Version
The K. al-Fihrist mentions an Arabic translation of this Paraphrase (K. al-Fihrist, ed. Flügel: p. 250.22–23). This Paraphrase was known in the circle of Mattā ibn Yūnus (Endress 1977:35). Some occasional references to the opinion of Themistius (according to Stern, not in the form of direct quotation) are reproduced in an MS housed in Leiden (MS Leiden, Wermar 583), which contains the text of the Physics as it was studied in the Baghdad school (Stern 1956:40; Lettinck 1994; Arnzen 2020).

Manuscript Tradition (Arabic version):

B. Translations:

– Medieval Arabic Translation: lost (see above, part A).
– Barbaro Jr. (1481, 1499): Themistii Peripatetici lucidissimi Pharaphrasis in Aristotelis Posteriora, et Physica … Memoria et Reminiscentia … Ermolao Barbaro … interprete, Venetiis 1481, 1499 (2nd. revised and posthumous edition).

a. English Translations
–R.B. Todd (2013), Themistius, On Aristotle Physics 1-3, Duckworth, London 2013; Themistius, On Aristotle Physics 4, Bloomsbury Publishing-Duckworth, London-Ithaca N.Y. 2012 (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle).
–R.B. Todd (2003), Themistius, On Aristotle Physics 4, Duckworth, London-Ithaca N.Y. 2003 (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle).
–R.B. Todd (2008), Themistius, On Aristotle Physics 5-8, Duckworth, London-Ithaca N.Y. 2008 (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle).

C. Studies:
–On the Arabic Translation
Arnzen (2020): Aristotleʼs Physics VIII, Translated into Arabic by Ishaq ibn Hunayn (9th c.). Introduction, Edition, and Glossaries by R. Arnzen, De Gruyter, Berlin 2020 (Scientia graeco-arabica).
Endress (1977): G. Endress, The works of Yahya ibn ‘Adī. An analytical inventory. Reichert, Wiesbaden 1977.
Lettinck (1994): P. Lettinck, Aristotle’s Physics and its reception in the Arabic World, with an edition of the unpublished parts of Ibn Bajja’s Commentary on the Physics, Brill, Leiden/New York/Köln 1994.
Stern  (1956): SM Stern, “Ibn Al-Sam?”, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland No. 1/2 (1956), pp. 31–44.